The world of craft beer can be intimidating. The Greats of Craft (GoC) was born from a desire to explore new experiences collaboratively, build community and a renewed sense of neighborhood through the table (or in our case, the bar!).   

Friends and family came together to help build the literal and figurative foundations of our first shop in Midtown East, Manhattan in 2019. On any given day, you might run into a family member working behind the bar, an old friend starting the day with a cup of coffee, or a new friend enjoying a drink in the evening.)

But it’s time for your friendly neighborhood bar and cafe to expand to a new neighborhood. We hope that with hard work and warm hospitality we will have the privilege to become a cornerstone of the LIC community as well in Spring ‘24. 

We’ve always admired artists and creatives who are passionate about their work, and we want GoC to represent artisans and entrepreneurs who have taken the same leap of faith we did. You’ll see that take shape in our pop-ups, special events, retail market, and seasonal festivals.

Whether you’re pulling up a chair or ordering online, you can trust we only stock our shelves with items and goods of the finest quality. Whether you first stopped by GoC to attend one of our events, pick up a gift, drink your morning cappuccino, or just catch up with friends over drinks, you’ll always have a seat at our table. 

Joe + Team GoC